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If you have any questions whatsoever about our training programs please contact us!

Training Programs:

Static Line Program

Tandem Skydive Program

Gift Certificates

Parachutes Over Carmi is a USPA Group Member drop zone and uses USPA rated Instructors. (www.uspa.org)

Parachutes Over Carmi, IL - Skydiving Instruction

If you are looking to make your first skydive, you have two options at Parachutes Over Carmi. They are the Static Line Program and the Tandem Skydive Program. Either way our United States Parachute Association certified Instructors and Jumpmasters are ready to give you the training you need to make parachuting fun for you and your friends. Gift Certificates are available to allow you to give the gift of a lifetime to your friends or loved ones.

Ground School (both training methods)

Instruction covers everything you need to know to make your first jump. Your Instructor will explain how to exit the aircraft, how to steer the parachute, all necessary emergency procedures, and how to make a safe landing. After the jump you will receive a First Jump Certificate and log sheet.

You can jump the same day, weather permitting. Parachutes Over Carmi uses professional United States Parachute Association Instructors and Jumpmasters.

Requirements for all Student Skydivers

  • You must be at least 18 years old, however,
  • Tandem jumps are required as a first time jump for those 50 years of age and older
  • The weight limit is 175 pounds for women and 225 pounds for men
  • Clothes appropriate for the weather (suitable for wearing under a jumpsuit)
  • Do not wear blue jeans or other tight jeans, as they are too restrictive
  • Footwear: tennis shoes, high-top tennis shoes or boots, (nothing with hook eyelets), no sandals.


Static Line Program

Static Line First Jump Course (includes First Jump) - $189
Groups of 5 or more - $179
College Student and Active Military - $179
(Must present college or active military ID for this discount.
Sorry, discounts cannot be combined.)

Static Line exit

Parachutes Over Carmi uses the most popular and reliable student parachute available, the Flight Concepts, Inc. "Manta", a large easy to steer and easy to land student parachute.

Class Times:

  • 9:30 AM Saturdays and 10:30 AM Sundays
  • Appointments are available any other day for groups
  • Classes are available on holidays by appointment

Ground School for the Static Line first jump takes approximately 4 to 6 hours depending on the size of the class. Learning the freefall body position Learning the proper way to land Practicing the exit with gear

Boarding the Airplane

Making the Jump

After Landing

A jumpsuit and helmet will be furnished. You need only dress for the weather and bring one of the following types of footwear: tennis shoes, high-top tennis shoes or boots, (nothing with hook eyelets), no sandals. Do not wear blue jeans or other tight jeans, as they are too restrictive. Your equipment is fitted for you and multiple safety checks are made before each jump. You will then board the aircraft, ride to jump altitude, and then exit when signaled by your jumpmaster.

Your parachute is deployed automatically by a static line that is attached securely to the plane. You'll feel a brief sensation of freefall before your canopy opens and you begin to steer to the landing area guided by ground to air radio. After returning to the hangar area you will receive a critique from your jumpmaster who will also sign your first jump certificate and log.

Progression to Solo Freefall from the Static Line Program

Normal progression to solo freefall requires making at least five static line jumps, with three satisfactory practice ripcord pulls. There is a package offered after your first jump for these jumps needed to prepare you for your first Freefall!

Once you are cleared for freefall you have more tasks to perform, progressively designed to teach you the safe techniques needed to master the art of freefall. Freefall time is increased during progression allowing you to perform more maneuvers, jumpmaster for yourself, and locating you own correct exit point from the airplane.

Static Line Progression jump prices:

  • $50 - Additional Static Line jumps (or $45 each if made on the same day as your first one)
  • $70 - Freefall jumps
  • $230 - First Freefall Package (4 additional Static Line jumps and your first freefall)
  • $290 - Beginning Freefall Package (5 freefalls after completing first package)
  • $310 - Advanced Freefall Package (5 freefalls after completing second package)


Tandem Skydive Program

Jump with a Pro! - $209
Groups of 5 or more - $199
College Student and Active Military - $199 (Must present college or active military ID for this discount.
Sorry, discounts cannot be combined.)
Progression to solo from the tandem using the static line course training - $169
Tandem Video - $70
Tandem video with 3-5x7 still shots - $90

Tandem Skydive in freefall

Parachutes Over Carmi uses extra large, easy to steer and easy to land parachutes specially designed for two people, the Instructor and the Tandem student.

Class Times:

  • An appointment is necessary for a Tandem Skydive
  • Please call us at (866) POC-JUMP or (618) 382-8921

Ground School for a Tandem Skydive is about 30 to 45 minutes of instruction. You will get fitted for your special harness, and then climb to 11,000 feet with your Tandem Instructor. Your harness will be connected to your Instructor's harness and equipment safety checks will be made. You will then jump from the aircraft together. After approximately 40 seconds of freefall the parachute built for two will be deployed. You and the instructor will guide the parachute back to the landing area.

Video of the entire jump is available. It is an exciting film to show family and friends!

Pictures taken from our Tandem video

Pictures of Tandem Ground School

Progression to Solo Freefall from the Tandem Program

You may continue your skydiving instruction through a Tandem progression program, which combines the one-on-one benefits of Tandem Accelerated Freefall program, or you can transition to the Static Line Program at a reduced rate of $169. You may discuss the available options with your Instructor after the jump, including the prices.

To continue to Solo Freefall you will take a
Ground School similar to the Static Line first jump training, which takes approximately 4 to 6 hours depending on the size of the class.

Gift Certificates

Skydiving has become a popular birthday, anniversary graduation and Christmas gift for people. Parachutes Over Carmi has personalized gift certificates available. The certificates are good for 6 months from the date of purchase. Gift certificates are not refundable. They can be ordered over the phone or by email using a major credit card or by mail if you choose to pay by check and send in your request. Please make sure the recipient is within the age and weight requirements before ordering a certificate. Contact us if you have any questions at (866) POC-JUMP or (618) 382-8921.

A word of caution about "surprises"

Occasionally someone will decide to really suprise a friend or relative by making the arrangements, driving them out to the airport, and then as they get out of the car they yell, "SUPRISE!". This is not a good idea.

Even the people who have always been saying "I want to do that" still need at least a day or two's notice to get "up" for the jump. The anticipation is a big part of the experience for many people. People like to tell friends that they are going to jump. Friends like to tell them they are crazy! You often see soon-to-be-skydivers with a dreamy type of look, as they keep trying to imagine what the skydive will be like, and what they want to get from their dive.

So, please suprise people with the gift of a lifetime (the skydive!), but tell them at least a day or two before the dive is scheduled.