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Parachutes Over Carmi, Inc.
Carmi Municipal Airport
County Road 1500 North
(Airport Road) Carmi, IL 62821

(866) POC-JUMP
(618) 382-8921


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Airport and Facilities

Drop Zone/Landing Area

Driving directions and map

Information for Pilots

Parachutes Over Carmi, IL - Our Airport and Facilities

Parachutes Over Carmi is located at the Carmi Municipal Airport in City of Carmi, Illinois. The owners of Parachutes Over Carmi also run the airport. Both businesses work hand in hand making the facility user friendly for both the skydivers and the pilots as well.

A view of our building from the ramp

Our Drop Zone

An overhead view of our airport and drop zone

An overhead view of our landing area

Our large landing area

Our unobstructed landing area

Driving directions and map

For a more detailed map you can start at Carmi, IL via Mapquest.

Map of southern Illinois

Information for pilots

For those of you who might be flying into the airport you can find detailed information about the Carmi Municipal Airport in the Illinois Airport Directory at the Illinois Department of Transportation web site.