Parachutes Over Carmi, Inc.
AAA Skydiving (phonebook listing)
Carmi Municipal Airport
County Road 1500 North
(Airport Road) Carmi, IL 62821

(866) POC-JUMP
(618) 382-8921


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Parachutes Over Carmi is a USPA Group Member drop zone. (www.uspa.org)

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Parachutes Over Carmi

A Static Line exit A Tandem Instructor and Student A view from the hand mounted camera

Parachutes Over Carmi in Southeastern Illinois is a small family owned business where you can get personalized skydiving instruction in a comfortable setting. The owners of Parachutes Over Carmi also run the airport. Both businesses work hand in hand making the facility user friendly for both the skydivers and the pilots as well.

At Parachutes Over Carmi the student receives total attention from the Instructors and Staff. There are no long delays waiting for experienced skydivers, and you are not herded in groups like cattle. Parachutes Over Carmi is a small but extremely friendly place to learn to skydive.

Parachutes Over Carmi's Instructors and Staff offer personal one on one training. It doesn't matter if you are in a group of one or a group of ten, our staff will make you feel as if you are the most important person on the grounds. Come on out and skydive with us!

Parachutes Over Carmi is open year round, so you can make that first skydive nearly any day you wish, like on your birthday or anniversary.